Compensation to fake victims in sex abuse allegations

04 September 2017

Both The Sunday Times and The Telegraph have featured articles on the recent issues surrounding false sex abuse allegations. It is reported that the false victims of these allegations have been able to retain original compensation paid to them, despite their cases being overturned and their acusations being disproved. 

One such case is that of David Bryant, who was represented by Rupert Butler of 3 Hare Court. Mr Bryant was falsely accused by Danny Day who received £11,000 in compensation from Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Mr Bryant was exonerated when Day's allegations were proved to be a fabrication by Rupert Butler and his team, but as Rupert Butler commented in yesterday's Telegraph- "there is no provision for clawing back the money once it has been paid out, even in the event of somebody successfully appealing the conviction", suggesting the cost of taking a false claimant to court deters the CICA in reclaiming the money. 

More detail can be found in The Telegraph article here