The City Lawyer - February 2013

21 February 2013

3 Hare Court publishes The City Lawyer, a monthly email newsletter covering recent developments in commercial litigation - from general contract law to injunctions, to specialist areas, such as banking and finance.

In this month's edition

This month’s edition, written by Rowan Pennington-Benton considers a UK Supreme Court case in which it was decided that legal professional privilege does not extend to protect from disclosure legal advice where that advice is given by non-lawyers (e.g. professional tax advisors or accountants). Consideration is also given to a Court of Appeal decision on contractual construction and a Privy Council case (in which James Guthrie QC and Rowan Pennington-Benton were instructed) from Mauritius concerning a mega-fraud perpetrated at the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the Island’s oldest and largest bank.