Sir George Newman - judicial appointment in the Bahamas

19 October 2009

On Monday 19th October 2009, Sir George Newman was sworn in as a non-resident Judge (Justice) of the Court of Appeal of The Bahamas by the Governor General, His Excellency Arthur Hanna, at Government House. Head of Chambers James Guthrie QC and Senior Clerk James Donovan will accompanied Sir George and Lady Newman at the Ceremony.

3 Hare Court (formerly at 1 Harcourt Buildings and 1 Crown Office Row) has a long and proud history of association with the countries of the Commonwealth, includung the Bahamas. This has been most notably through our work in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Senior members of Chambers, past and present (including James Guthrie QC and other current Silks Mark Strachan QC, James Dingemans QC, Peter Knox QC and Simon Davenport QC; and former members including Sir Godfray Le Quesne QC) have had particular experience of Commonwealth constitutional law and of both litigation and advisory work in these jurisdictions. James Guthrie appeared before the Privy Council at its first sittings in the Bahamas.

Members of Chambers congratulate Sir George on his appointment and wish him every success.