Seminar: Credit Hire

27 September 2012

Rowan Pennington-Benton and Alexander Halban recently gave a seminar on Credit Hire.

The talk covered:

1. Summary of principles on credit hire and mitigation

2. Recent issues:

  • Interest on credit hire damages (Pattni v First Leicester)
  • Spot hire evidence and comparables (Bent v Allianz)
  • Cancellation of Contracts Regulations (Wei v Cambridge; W v Veolia)
  • Defendant’s insurer’s offer of a free car (Copley v Lawn; Sayce v TNT)

3. Tips and tactics:

  • Obtaining favourable court directions
  • Settlement
  • Tactics for cases of delay
  • Tips on witness and spot hire evidence
  • Recoverable and non-recoverable items

Should you be interested in booking this seminar for your firm, please contact us.