Resolving SME complaints: Is it time for a streamlined process?

21 June 2017

Jeffrey Golden and Richard Samuel of 3 Hare Court will be taking part in a round-table discussion alongside Sir Adam Ridley and Mike Conry (BBA). 

Jeffrey is chairman of P.R.I.M.E Finance Foundation, and arbitral institution for wholesale financial market disputes. He is a former senior partner at Allen & Overy, specialising in derivatives law and an Honorary Fellow and Governor of the London School of Economics. 

Richard is a barrister specialising in the arbitration and litigation of commercial contracts, particularly those relating to the financial services sector and insolvencies. 

The discussion will address the proposal of a new 'Commercial Financial Dispute Resolution Platform' and the issues surrounding the possibility. 

The discussion will be held on Wednesday 21st June 12.30pm-2.15pm in The Parliament Chamber, Middle Temple Hall. If you are interested in joining the discussion, please e-mail Alex Treptow-