January 2021 Insolvency law webinar

04 January 2021

Please join us for our January Insolvency Webinar on the 19th January from 5pm to 6pm on the topic of Pakistan International Airline Corporation (Respondent) v Times Travel (UK) Ltd (Appellant).

Several decades have passed since the House of Lords first recognised the concept of economic duress. Now the Supreme Court is considering the boundaries to a party’s right to set aside his contract because he could not afford the alternative. Must the threatened alternative be unlawful? Or can a threat of economic destruction which does not breach the law give rise to a party’s right to avoid his obligations? 

In November 2020, Thomas Roe QC, Richard Samuel, Hannah Fry and Daniel Black all appeared before the Supreme Court for the Interveners in the appeal (the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking). 

In this Webinar, Richard, Hannah and Daniel will discuss the questions their Lordships will answer in the forthcoming judgment.

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