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Our clerks

Our Clerks are there, first of all, to assist solicitors and all our clients. They act as the point of contact with members of Chambers, and they will recommend a member of Chambers suited to a particular case. They will arrange conferences (we have a suite of conference rooms), and the dates of Court hearings.


Booking arrangements

Our clerks do not double book, unless this is unavoidable and with the agreement of our solicitor clients. They are in close contact with court staff, and will do their utmost to agree convenient dates for hearings. Once a hearing is fixed, they will ensure the booking is honoured save in the most exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, when they will ensure that suitable cover is available.


Our clerks will provide hourly rates on request. However we reserve the right to agree fees by reference to any particular case. Individual members of Chambers undertake work on Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) or pro bono basis.

Further details are contained in Chambers' Service Protocol.

Client publications and seminars

We produce regular Bulletins covering developments in law and practice in our key areas of expertise. We also offer seminars and lectures for our solicitor clients, both to support their programmes of continuing professional development and to assist, where appropriate, their own marketing activities. Please contact our Marketing Manager to register to receive Bulletins or to discuss your seminar requirements.


We are always aware that the cases entrusted to us are confidential and of our obligation to respect the trust that our clients place in us. We are also always aware of possible conflicts of interest. We therefore have systems in place which ensure that if members of Chambers are instructed in the same or connected cases, there is no risk of any breach of our obligations to the clients concerned.